Hello, Hello, Hello!

As many of you have noticed, The Seven Sigils suddenly went poof. Noooo it's not dead LOL, I got seriously snowed under with a lot of things around the end of September - commissions, family, sick 'Tari and it took me about a month to actually figure out how to fix the tablet ration for my new computer screen.

Anyway, without boring you all with the details, yes, TSS has been on a kind of extended hiatus, sorry all for leaving ya'll in the dark about it :O Many apologies!

In any case, I have for the most part caught up with my other committments and I am currently coding up a new interface for Seven Sigils, and retooling a couple of the earlier pages, as well as making some news ones so i can get up a bit of a backlog on pages in case I ever suddenly drop out again, at least there'll still be something to update with :)

For the time being, the archives are still up. Here is the link: http://sevensigils.comicgenesis.com/pagearchive.html

Be seeing you soon!
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